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Normally, the loan period for books are 30 days, long. It means that you are guaranteed to keep the book for 30 days, and then you can keep the book longer as long as no one else requests it and you don't have to renew it.
After the first 30 days there may be a recall at any day if/when a new patron makes a request.

The loan period for course books are 7 days, long. You can keep the book for 7 days, and continue to keep the book longer (up til 30 days) as long as there are no requests for the title.

Students and others can normally keep their books up til 90 days before any standard recalls from the library, and researchers and staff at the university can keep their books for 360 days.

You may renew your loans twice. You can do it your self by going to 'My loans and library card' at the library's web page.