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  1. When the borrowing period has expired or the material has been requested by another borrower, a demand will be issued for it, however no earlier than at the expiry of the guaranteed borrowing period. If the material is not returned, the borrower will be blocked from any further borrowing until the material is returned.
  2. If material requested by another borrower is not returned after a demand has been issued, the original borrower is obliged to pay an administration fee of SEK 250. The same applies if the book is not returned after the possible re-borrowings have been made and the definitive borrowing period has expired.
  3. The administration fee shall always be paid, even if the material is returned. Unpaid fees result in a block against any further borrowing.
  4. If the borrowed material is not returned, the borrower will also be invoiced the replacement value of the material.

See the Rules for Using Uppsala University Library