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In DiVA you can upload the full text of all kinds of academic publications, for instance, journal articles, books and reports, and make them freely available. If you want to upload the full text of a publication that has been published by a publishing house (or is about to be), you must check that the publisher will allow this. Read more about Self-archiving in DiVA. Material published at Uppsala University can normally be uploaded to DiVA, unless a specific agreement exists that forbids it.

Information about your publication will be published in DiVA immediately and checked by a librarian afterwards. Attached files will be checked by the DiVA Helpdesk before they are published and visible in DiVA.

Doctoral theses, licentiate theses and student papers will be checked before they are published in DiVA. This means that you will not be able to see your publication in DiVA immediately after submitting your details.

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