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Are you a student?

Then you cannot order an available book. You have to pick it up from the shelf yourself.


Are you a researcher/employee?

Then you can order an available book as long as it is not course literature or the book is already available in the library that you tried to choose as pick-up location.

If none of the above applies, log in to My Loans and check if any of the following has occurred:


  • You are already queuing for the book.
  • Your account needs to be updated. You can update it yourself in My Loans.
  • You have overdue loans that you need to return before you can order books.
  • You are not registered as a researcher/employee in our system. See the "Change your contact information" tab. If the patron type is incorrect, we will help you to adjust it either at one of our information desks or by contacting Ask the Library.

If you still need help - contact Ask the Library for assistance.