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It depends on the type of publication:

Student theses

The Register your student thesis guide shows which departments and programmes are registering student theses in DiVA, and who the contact person is for questions about registration. If you are a student at one of these departments, you can submit an entry with information about your thesis according to the instructions in the guide. A DiVA administrator at the department will then review and publish the record so that the thesis becomes available in DiVA.

Licentiate or doctoral theses

Doctoral students are responsible for registering their thesis in DiVA. As a doctoral student, follow the instructions in the Register your licentiate or doctoral thesis guide. Thesis Production or a DiVA administrator at the Library will then review and complete the entry. Doctoral theses become searchable in DiVA when they are published.

Research publications available in Web of Science

Every week, publications affiliated with Uppsala University are imported from Web of Science. When importing, the Library is responsible for adding institutional affiliation for all co-authors at Uppsala University according to the information in the publication.

The authors themselves, or a DiVA administrator at their department, must then check that the correct department or research programme is specified. This is because the Library does not always have access to all the information.

Other research publications

Departments are responsible for registering all research publications affiliated with Uppsala University that are not available in Web of Science. As a researcher or other employee at Uppsala University, you can register publications and upload full texts in DiVA yourself. In some departments, the registration is handled by a DiVA administrator.

Instructions can be found in the Register, publish and manage records in DiVA guide.