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Publications that it is important to register in DiVA are peer-reviewed articles and reviews published in scientific journals, peer-reviewed published conference papers, and books and book chapters published by publishers classified as "scientific" (level 1 and 2) in the "Norwegian list".

However, it is recommended that all publications written by researchers and employees at Uppsala University be registered in DiVA. This helps provide an overview of what is published by Uppsala University faculty. This includes book reviews, articles in newspapers and popular science journals, popular science books and anthologies, and new editions of previously published material.

Registration in DiVA allows the dissemination of research results, as well as long-term archiving. Registered research publications are also used in various types of bibliometric analyses, for evaluation, and as a basis for the allocation of funds at Uppsala University.

What should I not register in DiVA?

Records registered in DiVA should refer to published material or to material in the process of being published. One should not register unpublished material, projects that have not resulted in any publications, or, for example, teaching materials or compendia.

It is not allowed to publish full texts and make them openly available in DiVA if doing so violates copyright law. Those who make publications available in DiVA are responsible for doing so in a legal manner. This is done either by obtaining the author's or publisher's consent, or by providing the work with a licence (such as Creative commons) that allows the publication to be made openly available in DiVA. Read more in DiVA's publishing conditions.