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When publishing with a publisher or journal, there are usually rules on which version(s) (submitted, accepted or published) are allowed to be parallel published in repositories such as DiVA.

If the terms and conditions allow, you can upload the published version. It may be that you have the right to decide how your full text is disseminated, or that a publisher who has copyright still allows it to be parallel published. However, the latter is quite rare.

A good alternative is therefore to publish the accepted version in DiVA. This version has undergone quality control and matches the published version, with the difference that it lacks the publisher's formatting.

If this is not possible, it is often permitted to publish the submitted version in DiVA.

Sometimes the submitted or accepted version can only be parallel published after a certain length of time. In most cases there is information about this in the Sherpa Romeo database and/or on the publisher's website.

Before an accepted or submitted version is made available in DiVA, the Library adds a cover page. The cover page specifies which version has been published in DiVA and contains a source reference to the published version.

The Publishing full-text files guide contains instructions on how to publish a full text file in DiVA.

Read more about open access and parallel publishing on the Library's website.