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As an author, editor or creator, you should enter your Uppsala University user ID in the Local user ID field next to your name in the record. This is the same username you use to log in to DiVA.

If you click on Connect authority record and select your authority record in DiVA, your user ID will be added automatically. Make sure that the affiliation information added via the personal record corresponds to the publication in question.

User IDs are used to link records in DiVA to publication lists on profile pages and on the University website. This is why a complete personalised publication list can more easily be made available if your user ID is included on all your publications in DiVA.

You should also enter the user ID of any co-authors affiliated with Uppsala University. You can find the user ID for an employee at UU on their profile page on the Staff Gateway.

You can find information on how to add user IDs to existing DiVA records in the Edit or delete records guide.

Contact a DiVA administrator at your department or the Library if you need help editing records that you cannot access.