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When citing a publication, it is preferable to refer to the published version. In some cases, however, it is not possible to access the published version, so you may need to cite a submitted or accepted version (author version) that is available in DiVA.

Begin citing an author's version of the publication in the same way as you would cite the publisher's version. Cite in accordance with the reference style of your choice.

Start by following the instructions for your chosen reference style and publication type in the Library's Citation Guide. Then add "Version from" and the permanent URN link found in each DiVA record.

The following is an example of a Harvard-style reference:

Axenov, Serge (2010). Argument structure and impersonality in Avar. Orientalia Suecana, 59, pp. 159-167. Version from

It is common for the page numbers in the author's version of the publication to differ from those in the published version. When quoting, instead of the page number you can indicate the chapter/section and paragraph in the text where the quote is found.

For example, if you use Harvard style, write the in-text reference as follows:

(Axenov, 2010, chapter 3 Impersonality paragraph 2).